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Secure Property

It is very difficult to have staff or security guards keeping an eye on your property and surrounding area 24/7. There will be various times when your property is unsupervised. This why security camera systems are an important component to full property protection.
There are main areas such as the entry/exit points to a building that are used by pedestrians and vehicles. There are also surrounding grounds to the building that includes external storage areas.
All of these areas are high-risk areas that can be damaged or vandalized. Security camera systems help deter thieves and vandals as well as assist in their capture.
Highly effective security camera systems and lighting around your premises enable you to monitor your building 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
We can design, supply and install a complete CCTV security camera systems package to suit your budget and needs.
See the explanations below to learn how all the best components will be used to cover your security needs.

Where Should Security Camera Systems Be?

Cameras can be placed around the outside of a building and the surrounding area to allow you to focus on key areas, such as:

· Fire exits
· Rear exit from building
· Loading dock bays
· Main entry to office
· External storage areas
· Fence line
· Boom gates & gate houses

How Cameras Secure Property?

In these key areas you will be able to monitor and record any movement. With the latest recorders and Video Analytics (software), security camera systems can be set up to suit your individual needs.

Such analytics include:

· Camera Position Authentication (CPA)
· AD / Activity Detection
· VMD / Video Motion Detection
· Dual Sensor
· Video Motion Detection VS-40
· Number Plate Recognition

A quick playback of any camera with the time and date on an encrypted video file can be stored on any format and given to the police.

If any person or machinery causes damage or vandalism to your premises, a clear footage can be supplied to the appropriate authorities.
Security guards and staff can only do so much to monitor your premises; a CCTV system can monitor your property 24/7.

The CCTV system will give you peace of mind and an unbiased record of any damaging events on your property.

There are other items that can complement the CCTV system, like improved lighting, interfacing with security alarm system, etc.

Types Of Cabling

Every security camera systems installation works on a form of cabling architecture. There are many forms of cabling types and styles. Cabling used depends on the needs of the equipment to be installed and the location where the security equipment will be placed.

We will design the cabling architecture to suit your individual needs and budget to suit your security system.

This is a list of all the types of cabling styles:

· Analog – Your basic type of security system will use copper cable

· Digital – Your more modern security system will be based on IP technology

· Fibre Optic – Long cable runs or large amount of data to be transmitted

· Wireless – Difficult or remote areas to be cabled can have wireless network

CCTV Maintenance

Once a system is installed and running, we always recommend some form of CCTV maintenance to look after your investment. There are several types of CCTV maintenance that we can perform. Some measures are comprehensive and others are more of a preventative periodic maintenance nature.

As is the case with installation of the right CCTV system, we will always work with you to meet your maintenance and budget needs.


· Intercom System
· Access Control System
· Infra red light
· Control room fit out
· Cabinets

Security Camera Systems: How Security Camera Systems Help Clients To Secure Property

Today, security camera systems are not only useful but very vital. With the crime rate increasing daily, in order to protect you, your family and your property, it is necessary to take extreme measures and learn how security camera systems help clients to secure property in order to be able to invest in a security camera system.

Home security camera systems help you live a safer life and you are able to relax better knowing that you are taken care of. Many retailers of these systems are trying to get more and more people to invest in security cameras and although crime will not disappear any time soon, at least people will be much safer. You will be able to keep a watchful eye on your house and any suspicious behavior occurring on your property. You will also be able to respond quicker before any damage is done.

Security cameras are not only useful for homeowners, business owners also need to recognize the advantages of installing security cameras. It is not enough to simply post a security officer to look over store property. Criminals are becoming more clever and a security camera is needed to record the evasive ways of criminals.

Where the human memory fails, security cameras can help better identify criminals in order to place them behind bars. Using night vision at night, criminals can be clearly seen on camera footage. These cameras are usually hooked up to a central control room, which allow you to view everything on your property.

The problem with security cameras is that people feel they are too expensive and are often not motivated to purchase it. They do not feel the need to invest in this system and do not realize the incredible value of security camera systems. Many people would rather spend money on luxurious cars or acquiring more property. But if they also invested in a security camera system, then their cars and property will be protected! Protect your property investments with an investment in a security camera system.

When buying security camera kits, it is important to find appropriate ones. For home security it might not be that necessary to get a kit that is high tech and expensive. A simple system works just as well and gets the job done. If your property is a bit larger with various areas that criminals could possibly use to hide in, a more complex system might be better suited.

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