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Monitor Public & Staff Movement

It is very difficult to have staff or security keeping an eye on your property and surrounding areas at all time. Even with a 24 hour security force, you cannot be in all places at the same time. However, a top surveillance system solution can be.

There are main entry / exit points to your building that are used by pedestrians and vehicles, plus there are surrounding grounds to the building that external parking or storage areas. The internal areas of your building are just as critical the high traffic areas and rear exit points. All of these areas have the potential for theft and damage without a strong surveillance system.

A CCTV surveillance system can help in the capture of shoplifters and in the reduction of employee theft throughout the inside of a building. Monitoring of stored products on shelves and movement of products around loading dock areas is vital.

Another benefit of our surveillance system is that a manager can easily monitor production lines and personnel to study and evaluate a production area that needs improved. Video can be played back to show management where production improvements can be made.

Where Should Security Camera Systems be?

Cameras can be placed around the building in high traffic areas and production areas:

Focus on key areas, such as:

Walk ways

Cash registers

Entry & exit from building

Loading dock bays internal & external

Office areas

Storage areas

How Cameras Monitor Public & Staff Movement

In key property areas, you will be able to monitor and record any movement. With the latest recorders and Video Analytics (software), the system can be set up to suit your individual needs.

Such analytics are:

Camera Position Authentication (CPA)

AD / Activity Detection

VMD / Video Motion Detection

Dual Sensor

Video Motion Detection VS-40

A quick playback with any surveillance system camera includes the time and date on an encrypted video file, and can be stored on any format to be given to the police or management.

Security guards and staff can only do so much to monitor your premises; a CCTV surveillance system can monitor your property 24 hours a day and seven days a night.

As it is very hard to prove who and when someone has stolen property, or if a dispute over who was in areas when an incident has happened, the CCTV system can supply you with peace of mind and an unbiased record of the events in question.

There are other items that can complement the CCTV surveillance system, like improved lighting interfacing with security alarm system etc.

There are other items that can complement the CCTV system, like improved lighting interfacing with security alarm system etc.

Types Of Cabling

Every security installation works on a form of cabling architecture. There are many forms of cabling types and styles. The appropriate cabling setup depends on the needs of the equipment you have installed and the location of where the surveillance system is placed.

We will design the cabling architecture to suit your surveillance, while keeping in mind your individual needs and budget.,

This is a list of all the types of cabling styles:

Analogue – Your basic type of security system will use copper cable

Digital – Your more modern security system will be based on IP technology

Fibre Optic – Long cable runs or large amount of data to be transmitted

Wireless – Difficult or remote areas to be cabled can have wireless network

CCTV Maintenance

Once a surveillance system is installed and running, we always recommend some form of CCTV maintenance to look after your investment. There are several types of CCTV maintenance that we can perform. Some measures are comprehensive and others are of a more preventative periodic maintenance nature.

As is the case with installation of the right CCTV surveillance system, we will always work with you to meet your maintenance and budget needs.


Intercom System

Access Control System

Infra red light

Control room fit out



How Surveillance System Help Clients To Monitor Public And Staff Movement

The following details some information on how surveillance system help clients to monitor public and staff movement. There are many types of surveillance systems. Electronic article surveillance is used to prevent shoplifting at clothing stores and other retail shops. Tags are fixed to items. When you buy the item the tag is removed but if you shoplift then the tag will activate on passing through the exit and the alarm will sound. It is very difficult to remove these tags yourself.

Some common types of electronic surveillance include magnetic surveillance, acoustic magnetic surveillance, radio frequency surveillance, microwave surveillance and video surveillance. Libraries tend to use the magnetic system. When the strip is activated it will produces some low harmonics and when it is demagnetized the harmonics stop. The interruption in harmonics is what causes the alarm to sound. These strips are popular because they are effective but very inexpensive.

Acoustic magnetic surveillance uses two strips. When the two strips vibrate they create a light voltage. When the signal is strong enough and the vibration increases the alarm goes off. These do not go off accidentally as much as magnetic tags but they are thicker so they tend not to be used on books.

Radio frequency surveillance works by using an LC tank circuit. It is possible to deactivate this type of tag by detuning the circuit by using a strong electromagnetic field. The frequency of the circuit will dip and set an alarm off. Microwave surveillance uses microwaves. When someone comes into your surveillance areas they will disrupt the microwaves causes an alarm or light to come on. This type of surveillance is commonly used for outdoor lights.

Infrared surveillance systems are also popular as they monitor heat. The purpose of your surveillance will dictate the type of surveillance system to use. Companies can use surveillance to create a more efficient workplace. Stores can use surveillance to guard against stealing but also to observe buying habits. Surveillance systems can also be used as communication tools, like a doorbell. Surveillance systems can also be used strictly for security to stop an intruder form breaking into your property.

Other options to consider when using a surveillance system is to you need to be able to move the video camera. If you are anxious about night time activity then you will need to use infrared otherwise you will just see a big black picture. Certain systems will need to be connected to specific computers and operating systems. Make sure your equipment can run off the computers you have.

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