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Duty Of Care

Ultimately, your company is responsible for providing safe work conditions, proper equipment, and training for employees. However, employees must ultimately act appropriate and follow the prescribed safety guidelines to avoid injury from an accident. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case. With a solid security installation, you have the ability to prove that duty of care was taken because you are able to supply video evidence to the authorities that shows the date and time of any alleged incident. Our security installation is therefore both a preventative security measure and a form of recourse when you are faced with an unfair legal claim.

How Installing Security Help Clients To Secure Property

Installing security can be a great way to keep your property secure as well as making sure your clients feel safe. Designing and installing a security system can be tricky, as the layout of the system will depend on what you are securing. There is a lot of wiring involved with security systems, though there are wireless options, and business tend to hide security wires above drop ceilings and or along beams.
Placing the control box is very important. You want to put the control box in a protection area. If it is by a door make sure there is a motion detector or other protection for the control box. If you are using a wireless system that makes sure all areas of the property can receive a strong signal. Most time a central location is preferred.
If your business is under construction or planning to undergo construction that can be an excellent time to install a security system as many areas that may normally be non accessible will be available. You can also pre-wire the building if you should decide to put in a security system at a later date. Each wire should have its own holes through the walls; do not use a plumbing or other electrical holes.
Security cameras usually play an important part for business security. Security cameras will be mounted to view the stores, front door and parking lot. Cameras are used specifically to see spots that may be difficult otherwise. It is also possible to notice a burglar or if your client is being harassed in some manner.
Having the correct lighting is also important when installing security. When it becomes dark you should have lights illuminating the parking lot, front walkway and doorways. This is particularly important if you do business during the night. It is much easier to spot a problem or intruder if the area is well lit. If you live in a sunny area then a solar powered light is a great way to get increased security without having to spend a lot of money on power.
The majority of security lighting works using motion detectors so they will turn on when someone enters your property. Many times this is enough to make the intruder turn away. The sensors typically used for security lights are microwave and infrared. Microwave works by setting off an alarm when someone disrupts the waves by walking into range. Infrared will respond to heat and then turn the light on.
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